The fascinating allure of Tammie’s work is it’s unparalleled sensual beauty, boldness, curious lines and color placement.  Each piece has a natural, almost naked ability to embody layered emotion, (which she will tell you wasn’t there at the inception of the piece).   Her distinctive gender neutral reflections are in truth, all self-portraits; a meandering series of the process of looking inward, and in turn, inevitably a reflection gazing back at you. This neutrality is marked trait of deep respect for all people which Tammie learned at a young age.  Eyes of the faces seem to connect deeply with those who are looking at them and if you dare, might provoke a rare deep meaningful connection as you are captivated as you make eye contact with a painting.


Tammie works in a rarely seen blend of charcoal, watercolor and pencil on paper.  The mixed media make for a depth and delicacy that’s incredibly special.  As Tammie explains “There is an intimate moment that happens to a piece when starts to become itself. I've learned to walk away then... and let it be itself.  I think that's why I like the combination of charcoal and watercolor together. It allows for missing limbs, one eye an imbalanced juxtaposition of the hard charcoal and playful watercolor that lends itself to images being not always what they have to be.”


Early Inspiration for Tammie came from ketchup, jewelry making with her dad, slate mountain & the epic book, The Stupid’s. Her love for fine wine, artisan cheese, traditional breads are matched only by her love for her exceptionally cute Corgi puppies, and her co-adventurer, Zingerman’s co-founding partner and author Ari Weinzweig.


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